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Namaste CDM Souls, over the last couple of years we have been trying to make our connections with you more real and authentic, to move beyond a few pictures about what we do and how much fun it is to love what you do. Hence our efforts to show you more about the humans behind Cardamom, the proceses behind the collections and our mesmerizing connection with India, a big pilar in the heart and soul of Cardamom.

Photo: Maria Varo

As usual, we travelled to India last November and this time the Cdm team landed with a plus one... Maria, my sister and a very talented photographer. It was our way to honor both, her work with us over the last years, and all of you Cdm Souls for walking this journey with us since 2010.

We hope you enjoy these analog photographs by Maria Varo, maybe they will even bring you closer to our beloved India... the home to all Cardamom creations.


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